I knew it

I really thought against it. My gut said not to do it. But given everything that’s happened this week, I didn’t have time to spend yet another $150 on making copies this week. So I left my copies for the Copy lady to make for me. I know that sounds stupid, but where I work, whomever made this decision thought the teachers here can’t work a copy machine and decided to lock both machines up, away from the ‘children’. But that’s beside the point.

The real issue is the fact that I’m typing up this post while waiting in front of a locked door to get my copies I put in for processing two days ago. I’m staring at this door, seething with discontent because instead of grading papers, writing the quiz I need for Algebra 2 today, or prepping for class, I’m staring at this stupid door with my copies on the other side of it. Decisions like this makes it easier to contemplate leaving this place altogether.